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SICK SYMPTOM - Flesh To Dust



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Dystopia - Ignorance of Pride - Human = Garbage

You killed again today 
She was 12 years old 
You killed her mother too 
When she bent down to help her 
And you killed again today 
He overdosed on drugs
He was a friend of mine 
I know that you don’t care 
Except for money and power 
And the force to make everyone cower 
The system makes it’s money off you 
Kill each other off just like they want you to 
Ways to survive don’t involve killing your kind 
Poverty is colorblind 
The systems fault not yours or mine 
Kill again for more respect 
Kill some more to make you look tougher 
Kill again but look whos losing 
Poverty is government made 
Kill again for more respect 
Kill again to make you look tougher 
Kill again but look whos losing 
Stomping out your own fucking race 
Racism starts with a twisted idea 
Genocide starts with the squeeze of a trigger 
Both are easy to do 
Both are fucking stupid

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The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, 1980

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Don’t Fear The Reaper- Blue Öyster Cult

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Grimes @ Pitchfork Festival, Chicago IL.
Photo by Roberto Loerzel 


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